Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø, Jacken Elswyth, The British Space Group - Hay NAWR #13

Saturday, April 22, 2023 - 19:30
The Old Electric Shop, Broad Street, Hay on Wye
The Old Electric Shop, Hay on Wye

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Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø is a trombonist and sound artist based in Berlin and Trondheim, focusing on live performance as well as a wide range of compositional and cross disciplinary projects. His current solo setup consists of heavily amplified trombone, analogue electronics and occasional field recordings, and undulates between claustrophobic tension and moments of ecstatic release. Breath is at the core of the project, and Nørstebø is utilizing an air compressor-like use of lungs, nuanced microphone technique and gain adjustments in order to unearth the intense physicality of the inherent low volume sound material. “DYSTOPIAN DANCING” from 2022, his third solo release, showcases this unprocessed material along with an expanded section for “object orchestra”.
Jacken Elswyth is a London-based folk musician, banjo player, and instrument builder. She is focused on exploring traditional tunes, developing extrapolations on folk styles and techniques, and investigating drone, ambience, and improvisation within and beyond traditional music.
She organises the Betwixt & Between tape series as one avenue of these investigations, and plays dark drone folk with Shovel Dance Collective, free folk with Sullow, and freely improvised music in other contexts.
Here she presents pieces for solo banjo with drones, taken from Banjo with the Sound of its Own Making ("foregrounds the talents of one of the instrument’s most exciting young practitioners and makers"- The Guardian) and Six Static Scenes ("beautiful and raw, augmented by scratches, tension and twang" - The Guardian; "an exercise in controlled chaos and hectic minimalism, a modernist interpretation of an antiquated form" - Folk Radio).
The British Space Group
Ian Holloway is a musician working out of Swansea whose work encompasses drone, field recordings, post-industrial found sounds, hauntology and radiophonics. Since 2003 Ian has run the Quiet World label releasing his own music and works by musicians such as Colin Andrew Sheffield , Mike Fazio and Philip Corner.
Alongside his solo work Ian has recorded and performed in collaboration with musicians such as pianist and composer Susan Matthews, drone musician Darren Tate, field recordist Banks Bailey, film maker Rhodri Thomas and artist Tessa Garland and has released numerous albums under various guises for labels such as Siren Wire, Fungal, Phonospheric, Bivouac, Agharta, Persepolis and more.
Alongside his music Ian runs the Wyrd Britain blog and book shop.