Brötzmann & Leigh - NAWR #38

Monday, September 9, 2019 - 19:30
Chapter Cardiff
Market Road, Canton, CF5 1QE Cardiff
£15 / £12

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Since 2015, Brötzmann & Leigh, the duo of Peter Brötzmann (saxophones, clarinets) & Heather Leigh (pedal steel guitar) have established themselves as a formidable duo, touring extensively and electrifying international audiences with their singular, dynamic group sound. Together they bring countless decades of experience at the cutting edge of ferocious speed-of-thought improvisation and deep lyrical soul.

+ support by Halftone

Halftone is a collective of improvisers who explore the conventions and boundaries of their traditional instruments through unconventional techniques. Caitlin Alais Callahan (double bass), Tina Hitchens (flute), Yvonna Magda (violin), and Hannah Marshall (cello) translocate from the solo virtuosic tradition to enter a more exploratory, irreverent and collectively-driven realm. The foursome create compelling vocabularies and organic sonic architectures that consider the dynamics of space, subtlety, silence and unity.

‘(Halftone) play an unsettling, absently beautiful post-classical music evoking wind in the trees, unresolved conversations and difficulties around corners’ – Misfit City.