Of Line & Structure: LIVE - NAWR #33

Friday, March 15, 2019 - 19:30
Oriel Elysium / Elysium Gallery
16 College Street Abertawe Swansea, SA1 5BH
Am Ddim / Free

Musicians Rhodri Davies (Harpist), Angharad Jenkins (Violinist) and Jenn Kirby (Composer & Electronics) each respond to Hazel Cardew's exhibition 'Of Line and Structure' by treating Cardew's drawing installation as graphic scores to compose live music from.

Hazel Cardew’s practice is primarily concerned with drawing and the fundamental way in which we understand the spaces we inhabit. She explores this in minimal mark making and installation work.

She seeks to widen the boundaries of drawing, to create work that is not just viewed but experienced. Drawing underpins so much of our visual world and brings with it the potential to construct, communicate, and connect

This event is in partnership with The Elysium Gallery.

Admission FREE